Four North Carolina Fans Burned by Victory Fires
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Four North Carolina Fans Burned by Victory Bonfires After National Championship Win (Video)

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, April 4, 2017

north carolina fans burned by bonfires

When North Carolina beat Gonzaga on Monday to win the sixth National Championship in school history, fans back home at Chapel Hill did what they always do: gather on Franklin Street and light victory bonfires.

Of course, setting bonfires in the middle of a crowd is not a very safe thing to do. It’s also very much illegal. So Chapel Hill Police warned fans not to do it. But nobody listened.

Police say 55,000 people poured out onto the streets to celebration North Carolina’s National Championship. In the end, seven injuries were reported during the celebrations. Four of them were burns inflicted by the multiple bonfires that were lit on Franklin Street.

We win. We go a bit crazy

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It’s actually pretty amazing that only four people suffered burns. Considering that some folks were setting off fireworks right in the middle of the crowd, things could have been so much worse. Just ask Jason Pierre-Paul.


Of course, there may have been some burns that have not yet been reported. According to Dr. Bruce Cairns, director of the Jaycee Burn Center, there are usually 10 to 15 burns reported after UNC victory bonfires. Many of them aren’t reported until several days later, after they’ve become infected.

Stay safe, Tar Heels fans.

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