Kenyon Martin: ‘Sucker Move’ For Artest To Fight Fan Instead of Ben Wallace at ‘Malice at the Palace’

BIG3 Press Conference

Former NBA star Kenyon Martin is no fan of Ron Artest.

During a candid piece for The Players’ Tribune, the 15-year NBA veteran detailed the five players everyone hated playing against, and he absolutely ripped Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest for only picking on players he knew wouldn’t fight him back.

Most notably, the infamous ‘Malice in the Palace’. 

“Everything he’s done has been calculated. The thing about the whole “Malice at the Palace” thing – people tend to forget how it all started. If he wanted problems with Ben Wallace, he would have fought Ben Wallace. Ben Wallace was the one that pushed Ron and instead of retaliating, Ron chose to run into the stands. He took the sucker move out.”

He then added former teammate Reggie Evans to his list, but had more favorable things to say about him. Martin claims he and Reggie were the sole reason for the Clippers’ 1st-round victory in 2012.

“When me and Reggie were teammates on the Clippers and the Nuggets, people hated it. We were “the Bash Brothers.” It was because of us that L.A. got out of the first round of the 2012 playoffs. The young talent was good – Blake, DJ – but if you wanna win a Game 7, you gotta go with me and Reggie. That’s what Chauncey Billups told our coach, Vinnie Del Negro, “If you wanna win this game, you better leave Kenyon and Reggie in there.”

After many years away from the court, Martin is set to return to the hardwood this summer as a member of the upcoming BIG3 league.

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