Bill Belichick Was Subpoenaed for Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial, Didn’t Show

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Several weeks ago, news broke that Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was on the list of possible witnesses for Aaron Hernandez’s second murder trial for the killing of two people. Now, according to Hernandez’s defense attorney, Belichick was subpoenaed, but for one reason or another failed to appear in court.

Normally, that would be a pretty big deal, but it wasn’t so much of one in this case, leading us to believe that Bill had a pretty good excuse, whatever it was for not testifying.

And it sounds like he won’t be appearing in court to testify anytime soon—the defense just put their case to rest, and closing arguments will be made today.

Looks like Belichick is off the hook, though it would have been fun, in a perverse way, to see him testify.

Hat Tip – [PFT]

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