CNN Analyst Compares Syria to Kentucky Basketball
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CNN Analyst Compares Syrian Airstrikes to Kentucky Basketball (Video)

by: Esteban On  Friday, April 7, 2017

cnn kentucky syria comparison

Sports offer us all sorts of analogies that can be useful when trying to explain or understand real world situations. But you have to pick and choose carefully. Use the wrong sports analogy and you might end up trivializing something very serious.

Just ask retired U.S. Army Major General James Marks about that. On Thursday, Marks went on CNN to talk about the ramifications of President Trump’s decision to launch air strikes against Syrian government targets in response to chemical weapons attacks earlier this week. While trying to explain to the viewers at home that this won’t be the last military strike the United States takes against Syria, Marks compared the situation to Kentucky basketball.

That’s right. He compared blowing people up to John Calipari‘s infamous “one and done” basketball program.

Take a look:

Obviously, military people use sports analogies in warfare all the time. But that’s among other military people, presumably behind closed doors. Marks was speaking to civilians. On basic cable.

It did not go over well:

Here’s a suggestion for James Marks, who on most days is probably a lot better at his job than I am at mine: next time just say “this won’t be the last air strike” and leave it at that.

Hat Tip – [Courier-Journal]