AZ Cardinals Wide Receiver Marquis Bundy Gives Us the Stupidest Arrest Video of All Time (Video)

arizona cardinals marquis bundy arrest video

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Marquis Bundy was arrested outside a nightclub in Scottsdale over the weekend for pretty much the stupidest reason you could possibly imagine. Officially he was arrested for disorderly conduct and refusal to obey a police officer. Unofficially he was arrested because he wouldn’t shut up about somebody stealing his hat.

Seriously. TMZ obtained the arrest video. It’s unlike any athlete arrest video we’ve ever seen.

Bundy is probably intoxicated, but he’s not wasted, nor is he driving a car or fighting anybody. The police are calm and respectful and do absolutely nothing to escalate the situation. In fact, they warm him about 10 times to calm down. But Bundy just won’t listen.

The arrest video starts with Bundy telling the police officers how the nightclub made him take off his hat to get in, which is pretty standard. However, when he went back to get his hat before leaving they had misplaced it. And Bundy just did not think they did enough to rectify this great injustice.

“We understand you’re upset that they still have your hat,” one officer says.

“All I want them to do is check for my hat,” Bundy replies. “They acted like they did not know where my hat was. It disappeared into thin air. That is not okay! I’m not okay. I’m not okay!”

The situation only escalated from there. Police tell Bundy to calm down. His friends beg and plead and even try to physically restrain him. But their not football players and can’t hold him back. So police eventually have no choice but to arrest the guy.

Take a look:

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Hey, Marquis, it sucks that they lost your hate, but you need to learn to pick his battles.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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