Video Suggests Daniel Cormier Used a Pretty Shady Move to Drop 1.2 Pounds in 2 Minutes (Video)


When weighing in for Saturday night’s fight, Daniel Cormier came in about 1.2 pounds overweight. Knowing that he had some work to do, and quickly, he stepped aside for two minutes, then returned with a towel draped in front of his naked body, which he grabbed.

He hit his target weight on the money, and many wondered, “How’d he do that? How did Daniel Cormier drop 1.2 pounds in just two minutes?”

Well, it’s an old trick wrestlers use. Here’s Roan “Jucao” Carneiro showing how it’s done—using it to an extreme effect by dropping 2.6 pounds in about 5 seconds:

It’s just about displacing a small amount of your weight on the towel, a trick that, by all accounts, should be illegal, but for some reason wasn’t—probably because the UFC knew their card would be crap without Cormier.

Certain states’ regulating bodies allow for time in between weigh-ins, but this is some shady stuff. That said, if no one was going to watch the fight without him, why WOULDN’T they allow it?

Hat Tip – [Uproxx]

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