Ric Flair Rolled Into an Indiana Bar 'Acting Like a Moron', Was Promptly Kicked Out (TWEETS) | Total Pro Sports
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Ric Flair Rolled Into an Indiana Bar ‘Acting Like a Moron’, Was Promptly Kicked Out (TWEETS)

by: Penn Collins On  Monday, April 10, 2017
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Ric Flair‘s got a long, undistinguished history of running his mouth and saying dumb stuff to any audience that will listen. That habit hasn’t relaxed in old age, it would seem, as he set foot in a Fort Wayne bar on Saturday night and lasted about five minutes before being shown the door.

Why? Well, according to witnesses, he called the bartender a “fat ass.”

Even though he only managed to stick around for five minutes, I’m guessing fans in the bar felt that they had been treated to the full Ric Flair experience for sure.

Hat Tip- [Deadspin]