Twitter Fell in Love with Sergio Garcia’s Gorgeous Fiancée at Masters (Pics + Tweets)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Sergio Garcia won himself one of them fancy green jackets at Augusta National on Sunday. But even if he had lost for some reason, he still would have been a winner—or at least that’s what everyone was saying on Twitter after they got a look at Garcia’s fiancée.

Late in the final round, when it became clear that the 2017 Masters was down to Garcia and Justin Rose, CBS producers found Garcia’s fiancée in the crowd and put her on TV to enhance the human drama, like you do.

Of course, it just so happens that Garcia’s fiancée, former Golf Channel reporter Angela Akins, is very attractive. And while you would think people would be pretty used to seeing gorgeous people on TV by now, apparently that is not the case. Folks on Twitter just couldn’t not talk about her.

Take a look:

This was not the first time Akins has come to watch her fiancé play. However, it was the first time she saw him win a major.

Here are some more photos of Akins, just in case you were wondering:

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