Dallas Mavericks Honor Tony Romo by Making Him a Maverick for a Day (Pics + Video)

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Folks tuning in to the Mavericks game on Tuesday will see a very familiar face sitting on the Dallas bench, and yet it will be the first time they’ve ever seen him in a Mavericks uniform.

On Monday the team confirmed that recently retired Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will be an unofficial member of the Mavericks for their final home game of the 2016-17 season. He’ll do everything a real player does short of playing in the actual game. That means he’ll wear a uniform, get dressed in the locker room, take part in the morning shoot around, attend team meetings, and take part in the pre-game warmups. Then he’ll sit on the bench, in uniform.

Romo has become a big Mavericks fan over the years and a friend of Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Ostensibly this is Cubans’s way of “honoring” the Dallas Cowboys great for all he’s done for the city.

In reality it’s a publicity stunt designed to generate buzz and maybe get people to buy tickets for an otherwise meaningless basketball game between two teams who have been eliminated from the playoffs.

The stunt is working, too. Mavs beat reporters are all over this.

Here’s a look at Romo’s stall in the Mavericks locker room:

Here’s Romo in uniform at the morning shoot-around:

And here’s Romo talking to reporters afterward:

In case you were wondering, yes, Romo did play basketball back in the day. In fact, he’s apparently still the all-time leading scorer at Burlington High School in Wisconsin.

However, as fun as it would be to see an NFL quarterback actually play in an NBA game, that was never really an option.

“It’s just not a good idea to take a football athlete and throw him in an NBA game,” explained Mavs coach Rick Carlisle. “It’s a completely different kind of sport. No. 2, to sign him we would have to go through a tremendous amount of screening, physicals, all those things. It’s not in the best interest of anybody to do that.”

We’ll just have to settle for watching the warmups.

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