Here’s Video of WWE Legend Ric Flair Telling Indiana Bartender to “Lose Some Weight”

ric flair harasses bartender fat shaming

Ric Flair was one hell of an entertainer in the ring. Unfortunately, out of the ring the WWE legend is kind of a douche.

According to multiple reports on Twitter, the Nature Boy got kicked out of a bar in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on Sunday after verbally abusing the staff.

The incident occurred at a joint called The Deck. An employee who spoke to TMZ says Flair asked a bartender for a clean glass, but apparently didn’t like the bartender’s response and started hurling insults. First Flair called the bartender a “fat ass.” Then he told him, “lose some weight.”

That insult was captured on video by another patron sitting at the bar and obtained by Take a look:

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Not long after fat shaming the bartender, Ric Flair was kicked out of the bar and “banned for life”—but not before he threatened them with a classic “you don’t know who I am!” and “I’ll have you out of a job!”

Unfortunately for Flair, everybody knows exactly who he is, which is why the video of him being an a-hole is now all over the internet.

The Nature Boy may want to get his act together or all those appearance fees are going to start drying up, and he’s not going to be able to afford his CTE treatments anymore.

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