Steve Francis Arrest Video Shows Him Cussing Out Cops: ‘Groupie Ass Motherf**kers’ (VIDEOS)

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Steve Francis has had a tough time since retiring from the NBA, as he has had multiple run-ins with law enforcement.

The former Houston Rockets star was arrested in Houston for a DWI back in November and caught a felony charge after threatening revenge on the arresting officer on the scene.

On Sunday, TMZ Sports got a hold of the video of Francis being arrested and it shows him cursing out police officers as well as threatening them for touching his chain.

“It’s all on the arrest video obtained by TMZ Sports … which begins when Francis is pulled over by Houston PD on Nov. 19 for speeding. Cops quickly suspected he was drunk.

Officers searched the car and found a bottle of Crown Royal and a big bag of weed (almost 22 grams).

40-year-old Francis was placed into a squad car while they searched the rest of his vehicle — and that’s when he noticed officers checking out his massive gold chain.

Francis got PISSED — and shouted at cops, “Now you playing with fire, homie!”

“Take a picture. Play with that, watch what happens.”

He called cops “suckas” and shouted, “Go ahead, lock me up groupie ass motherf**kers.”

“Play with my chain, sucka!”

Francis told cops the chain was worth $100 million.

Officers told Francis he was being arrested for drunk driving, weed possession and retaliation. He denied being drunk and insisted he never threatened anyone.

He also asked the cops to drop him off at his grandmother’s house.

That didn’t happen — instead, he was taken to the police station.

He later struck a deal with prosecutors in which he pled guilty to 1 count of drunk driving and won’t have to spend another minute behind bars.”

You can watch Francis make his way back on the court this summer as he is slated to join Ice Cube’s BIG3 league.

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