Derek Carr Rips Stephen A. Smith For Calling Him Out on ‘First Take’ (TWEET)

Houston Texans v Oakland Raiders

On Monday, Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr made a controversial statement about the Las Vegas move and the reaction from the team’s fans, which didn’t go over well with some.

“We’re not gonna split up like you’ve seen other cities do,” Carr stated when asked about fan reaction to the news during Monday’s press conference. “For the ones that do, I don’t believe they are true Raider fans.”

On Tuesday’s edition of ‘First Take’, Stephen A. Smith and his team were ready to dissect the comments Carr made that upset a lot of the fan base, all while tagging Derek Carr’s Twitter handle.

Carr, who is known as a stand-up guy, took to Twitter and fired shots at Stephen A. Smith after the host said he had “a lot of nerve”. 

After his comments, Carr attempted to smooth things over with his fan base.

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