Mike Conley, Feeling Generous, Buys 500 Grizzlies Playoff Tickets for Fan Giveaway


If you’re in Memphis today, swing by the FedEx Forum around 12:30 to find Mr. Mike Conley there with a LOT of Game 3 playoff tickets in hand.

He’s giving away 500 of them on a first-come, first-serve basis, so things could get ugly.

Or, considering the Grizz are down 0-2 in the series, maybe things won’t get ugly. I get the impression that Mike Conley only “bought” these tickets because they’re available, as they wouldn’t be selling seats to Mike Conley for him to give away if they had already been sold at full price to fans.

But, playoff tickets are a funny thing, and it’s possible the team is a little sick of showing off an empty arena on national TV, so this seems to benefit everyone.

Let’s hope Mike Conley doesn’t get injured in the mob rush for free tickets. They’re going to need him tomorrow.

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