Andre Johnson Breaks Down While Discussing Mom’s Sacrifices During Emotional Retirement Speech (Video)

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Pro Bowl receiver Andre Johnson officially retired yesterday after a 14-year NFL career. At the official ceremony, he spent a few minutes discussing the people who helped him achieve what he did—namely, his mother.

While talking about his mother and all the sacrifices she mad for him, he gave a teary-eyed speech expressing his gratitude, and it’s certainly worth checking out regardless of whether you were a fan of his game.

Here’s the moving video of his speech:

“Everything I did on that field was because of you. A lot of people don’t know, but I played the game of football very angry. And the reason I played that way was just because of where I grew up. I just never wanted to go back to living that lifestyle again. So seeing the sacrifices you made – I remember you’d fallen asleep coming to pick me up from night school – it was just tough times that we experienced as a family that I never wanted to experience again. So I’m very thankful to you for that.”

The seven-time Pro Bowler also thanked his uncle, Andre, for serving as both a father figure and a confidant during his youth and his playing days.

A nice sentiment from one of the NFL’s most accomplished players in recent years.

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