Fake News!: Donald Trump, Patriots Call Out NY Times For Misleading Photo From White House Visit

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

When sports meets politics…

Yesterday, the New England Patriots made their way to the White House for an honorary visit with President Donald Trump following their Super Bowl LI victory earlier this year.  As you’ve probably heard by now, many members of the organization did not make the trip for various reasons.  That includes quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady, who had to bail at the last second due to family matters.

Never one to pass up some negative Trump publicity, the New York Times were quick to point out the decline in attendance between the Patriots’ White House visit two years ago (when Obama was President), and this year’s visit (with Trump occupying the White House):

Interesting, but there’s one big factor that the NY Times forgot to point out—and that the Patriots’ Twitter account was quick to correct them on: 

They then posted a photo with ALL of the members of the organization in attendance:

And one final tweet, for those interested in a more accurate comparable: 

Of course, Trump wasn’t just going to stand by and remain silent while the New England Patriots’ Twitter account defended his honor. He hopped on the social media platform to do some NY Times-blasting of his own:

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