NBA Investigating Incident Between Patrick Beverley & OKC Fan During Game 3 (VIDEOS)

okc fan

After the Oklahoma City Thunder got back into their first round series with a win over the Houston Rockets Friday night, Rockets PG Patrick Beverley had a small incident with an OKC fan.


The league plans on investigating what exactly happened, but rumors are already swirling about the incident that went down.

The fan in question is the son of Thunder minority owner Jay Scaramucci and apparently he is the same fan who had an incident with Beverley earlier in the game.

“In the first half, Beverley got knocked down after attempting a layup and landed at a fan’s feet, identified as Stuart Scaramucci, son of minority Thunder owner Jay Scaramucci. Beverley got up and immediately started to complain about Scaramucci.

He pointed at Scaramucci as referee Scott Foster and several Rockets went to help him up. After the game, Beverley approached Scaramucci, who was sitting behind the basket, and they got into a heated discussion.

Rockets forward Sam Dekker went to pull Beverley away and he left the court as fans yelled at him. A team source told ESPN the Rockets requested the league look into the incident after Beverley informed them of it.

“The Rockets are taking care of the situation,” Beverley said before Saturday’s practice. “I’ll talk after the investigation is done.”

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