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Bulls Fans Game Derrick Rose a BIG Ovation for Game 4 (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Monday, April 24, 2017
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Image via Getty

Image via Getty

In a pretty heartwarming display, Bulls fans, in the midst of a barnburner of a series with the Celts, tied 2-2, took a few minutes away from Game 4 to give their regards to a very special fan, former point guard Derrick Rose.

Sidelined by injury for much of his career in Chicago, Rose headed to NYC where he was able to accomplish a whole lotta nothin’ in his first year. Nonetheless, the fans focused on what Rose had done for the city and team during his time on the court in Chicago, giving him a lotta love when he appeared (as a spectator) on the big screen in the United Center.

Rose is a free agent after this season, so maybe this was an overture to get him back in a Bulls uniform?

We’ll find out this summer.