Virtually No One Showed Up for Maryland’s Spring Football Game…and Can You Blame Them? (PICS)

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 8.56.11 AM

Spring college football games are, well, they’re stupid. The team plays itself, and more often than not, you’re not even able to see what the new recruits look like because they’re still wrapping up high school. Nonetheless, fans of huge programs turn out en masse to see the Alabamas and Ohio States, but for lowlier programs, there’s little fanfare.

Take, for instance, Maryland. The Terrapins went 6-7 last season, and it’s not like they’re a season away from turning it all around and becoming a contender.

So when it came time for their spring game, they might have had 100 or so people turn out. It might be low relative to other programs, but that number sounds appropriate to me. I mean, it’s a spring scrimmage.

As the tweet says, it was raining and a pic of the other side of the stadium would show fans under the mezzanine taking cover.

Maybe, but I still think this is what the attendance for spring football SHOULD look like.

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