Is Rickie Fowler Dating Pole Vaulting Hottie Allison Stokke? (PICS)

Fowler Stokke

One of the most sought after single male athletes dating one of the most sought after single female athletes?

That appears to be what we have on our hands here, if we’re to believe Instagram, as professional golfer Rickie Fowler and American pole vaulter Allison Stokke have recently been sharing photos of the two of them together on social media.

Stokke has been quite the attraction in the sports world ever since she broke onto the scene as one of the nation’s sexiest college track-and-field stars.  As for Fowler, he’s been known to surround himself with gorgeous women.  And you can now add Allison Stokke to that very long list.

Here’s a look at the happy couple(?).

I won!

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We tied?

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If you just want to see more Allison Stokke (and we know you do), here are some pics (via her Instagram):

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