Gambler Nets $26,000 from a $4 Bet Thanks to a High-Scoring Slate of Soccer Games (Tweet)

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It’s rare that betting on one game or one instance would ever give you the long odds necessary to see a 6,500-1 payday, but when you start parlaying games, it doesn’t take long to get stratospheric odds. Of course, those odds are long for a reason—the bets are very unlikely to all come through.

But that didn’t stop one guy from parlaying the same bet in three soccer games—that each team in three games (six total) would score a goal in each half of their games. So he needed a total of at least 12 goals over three games.

And he got it, resulting in a dynamite payday and some weird cockney language in a tweet to Sky Sports:

I don’t know what those words mean, but enjoy your winnings, sir!

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