12-Year-Old Japanese Girl Is Making Her MMA Debut Against a 24-Year-Old Fighter


Normally, an undercard at the Japanese Deep Jewels MMA tournament, especially featuring fighters from a division called the minimumweight, wouldn’t grab global attention. But one fight in particular has people talking, as 24-year-old Momoko Yamasaki will be fighting a girl named only MoMo. 

Oh, and we should also mention that MoMo is 12-years-old.

The senior fighter, Momoko Yamasaki, has only four fights under her belt, and reportedly took up the sport after she became a real live street fighter while getting bullied in high school.

The fight will mark the younger MoMo’s debut in the sport, but she trains with a very reputable club that’s churned out some quality fighters, so she’s got the training. Whether or not she has the skills at just 12 years old is anyone’s guess. The fight takes place on May 20th if you want to tune in and find out.

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