Let’s Watch Jim Harbaugh Get Scolded by Italian Security Guards for Playing Football in a Rome Shopping Mall (Video)

michigan in rome jim harbaugh yelled at by mall security for playing catch

The University of Michigan football team is in Rome this week. Naturally, head coach Jim Harbaugh busted out the pigskin to play a little catch with some underprivileged kids in a swanky shopping mall, like you do. Unfortunately, nobody in Rome could give two sh*ts about an American college football team, so Harbaugh did not get preferential treatment from mall security. Instead, he got a scolding.

Take a look:

Harbaugh also purchased a selfie stick and is now apparently a huge fan of the device, which is pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a guy wearing khakis with sneakers:

Unfortunately, when people started grilling Harbaugh with tough questions—like why is American football called football if you throw and carry the ball with your hands—Harbaugh didn’t have any answers:

FYI, Jim, since you’re a college coach now and therefore an “educator,” for centuries, there were numerous kinds of football played under numerous sets of rules. Some forms used hands and feet. Some just used feet. But they were all called football to distinguish them from rich people sports played on horseback. What most of the world called football was actually called “asSOCiation football” at one point, which got shortened to “soccer.” Eventually, the predominant form of football in any given region just became “football,” while other versions of the game took different names. Thus, in England the kind of football you play with your hands became rugby, while in America the kind you play with your feet became soccer.

Anyway, as for why the Wolverines football team is in Rome, ostensibly it’s to learn stuff. But really it’s a publicity stunt to drive recruitment—hence the playing catch in a shopping mall in front of a bunch of cameras.

Hat Tip – [USA Today]

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