Steve Francis Threatens to Evict Ex-Wife From House They Both Live In If She Keeps Asking For Child Support


Former longtime Houston Rockets player Steve Francis has had a hard time adjusting to normal life after the NBA.  Since retiring he’s has had multiple run-ins with law enforcement, and he was also publicly jacked for a chain he was wearing at a rap concert.

His new issue now? His ex-wife and child support.

“Under the deal, Steve was to pay $2,137 a month in child support for their two kids. He was to pay Shelby a lump sum of $2,440,000 (minus the $100,000 he already paid) plus monthly cash payments of $16,700 for 60 months.

She accuses Steve of being in contempt of court for failing to pay the $16,700 a month since November. Shelby says he owes her a total of $46,700 in past-due installment payments along with $10k in back child support.

Shelby is demanding the judge order Steve pay her a $1.1 million lump sum for the 60 months of payments she was to receive, explaining that she can’t trust her ex-husband to pay her every month.

She is seeking to have Steve locked up in jail for contempt – for up to 18 months – and fined $6,000 for his violations.”

But then there’s this twist to the story from BOSSIP:

“Shelby and Steve still live together and Steve is threatening to kick her out for asking for the $20k a month.

To make matters worse, Shelby claimed that because of Steve not paying her the support, she can’t relocate to her own residence, and he is now threatening to evict her from their marital home where they both currently reside.”

Despite this news, Francis is slated to return back to the court as he is participating in Ice Cube’s BIG3 league in June.

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