‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Reveals How A WWE Monster Truck Stunt Nearly Killed Him (VIDEO)


During the Attitude Era of the WWE, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was involved in a bunch of wild stunts, but there was one particular stunt he revealed on his latest podcast that almost killed him.

During a 1999 episode of ‘Raw’, The Rock was holding a funeral for his rival ‘Stone Cold’ when Austin interrupted the festivities and showed up in a monster truck and destroyed his rival’s brand new Lincoln Town Car.

Austin also revealed he had never driven a monster truck before in his life, so he decided to practice in the parking lot just before the show.

“So there we are, we go live. I get my cue and off I go running up and down that car, crushing the s— out of it. Then there’s going to be a deal where I drive the truck into the arena.

So I go into the back door of the arena and I’m in a holding room with a couple of curtains in front of me. The monster truck was loud as f— and that 1800 horsepower motor is churning out exhaust fumes.

So I’m in this room and they shut the door behind me. It was about a three minutes commercial break, so the whole time the people back home are watching commercials, I’m in a room, inside a truck, breathing methanol/alcohol fumes – I could barely breathe.

I was just begging for the show to come back on air so I could charge out in the audience and get a breath of fresh air. I’m breathing all those exhaust fumes, motherf—er, I was going to crash that gate doing 98 and go and take my own cue and haul a– into the arena, if they hadn’t of cued me when they did – I was about to die.”

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