Cincinnati TV Station Calls For Boycott of Bengals After Drafting Joe Mixon: ‘Enough is Enough’

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One of the most controversial players in the entire NFL draft is already causing a bunch of controversy for the team that drafted him.

ABC affiliate WCPO, which could potentially be airing an NFL wild-card playoff game this season, is calling for a boycott of the Cincinnati Bengals after the team drafted Oklahoma Sooners RB Joe Mixon in the second round of the NFL draft on Friday.

In an editorial published on Saturday, the station had this to say:

“This time the Bengals have gone too far.

Over and over, the Bengals have drafted, signed and stood by players with troubled legal backgrounds or other concerns that make them less-than-stellar role models.

But the Bengals drafting Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon — on top of the team’s tacit support of Adam Jones — is disgraceful.

Drafting Mixon shows that at least one team — our hometown team — has learned nothing from the Ray Rice incident.

A man hitting a woman is not OK. Drafting Mixon says the Bengals think it is.

The Bengals can’t control how a player acts. But they can control how the organization handles incidents’ like Adam Jones’ arrest. The team can control the types of players it signs, drafts and trades for.

Apparently, Mike Brown, Marvin Lewis and the Bengals management think winning is all that matters. Apparently, those franchise leaders don’t care about potentially alienating the team’s female fans.

It’s time we as fans tried to teach this team a lesson. We say tried because at this point, we have to wonder if the leaders of this team will EVER get it.

Enough is enough, Bengals. We can excuse another season without winning a playoff game. We can’t excuse drafting a player like Joe Mixon,” the station wrote in an editorial. “Instead of buying a Bengals ticket this year, take the $50 or more you would have spent on that ticket and donate the money to a nonprofit that works to prevent violence against women.”

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