YouTube Hero 'Ozzy Man' Narrates Adult Fans Stealing Game Balls From Little Kids (Video) | Total Pro Sports
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YouTube Hero ‘Ozzy Man’ Narrates Adult Fans Stealing Game Balls From Little Kids (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Tuesday, May 2, 2017
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There’s nothing worse than those grown-ups at sporting events who are so obsessed with getting a game ball that they push or pull little kids out of their way so they can live out a childhood fantasy from decades ago.

Ironically, there’s nothing BETTER than watching the ever-enthusiastic Ozzy Man narrate these twisted proceedings. His blend of energy and profanity make these awkward, inhumane moments surprisingly watchable and fun!

Here it is:

He calls it “Adults Being Dodgy,” but it’s really just adults being the worst humans you can imagine. Fortunately, he takes them down a peg or three, so don’t feel guilty watching.