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Pacman Jones: ‘Anger Management Stopped Me From Smacking The Sh*t Out of Man Who Hit My Car’ (Video)

by: Darrelle Lincoln On  Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Adam Pacman Jones Tweet Roger Goodell

Adam Pacman Jones is attempting to change his ways.

Recently, he got a huge test on how much has changed when a guy slammed into his Rolly-Royce.  He says he almost lost his temper and got violent, but his anger management helped to get him through it.

“Pacman Jones WENT OFF after someone hit his Rolls-Royce in Ohio early Tuesday — saying if it wasn’t for his anger management classes he would “smack the sh*t out of a n**ga.”

The Cincinnati Bengals star claims he was driving in Amelia, Ohio — near Cincinnati — when another car “ran straight into me” … wrecking the side of Pacman’s very expensive whip.

After the wreck, Pacman unleashed an n-word and expletive-laden tirade — saying, “This n**ga done pulled out and hit me!”

“They talk about anger management at work … normally I’d smack the shit outta a n**ga who do the sh*t like that. Stupid motherf**ker.”

Pacman entered anger management after video surfaced of the NFL star berating and wishing death on a police officer during an arrest at a Cinci hotel earlier this year.

We spoke with police about the car crash — officials say it was a “minor accident” and Pacman did not get physical with the other driver.”

This is how it looked before the minor accident.