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Paul Pierce In Shock When T-Mac Says LeBron Is a Better Player Than Magic (Which He Is) (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Friday, May 26, 2017
Tags:  LeBron   Magic   Paul Pierce   Tracy McGrady  

We all know that LeBron’s been compared to players before him his entire life. That’s the burden of showing such greatness at an early age. But while most of the controversy has been over whether the King’s as good as Air Jordan, Paul Pierce was surprised, shocked even, to learn that Tracy McGrady, on The Jump, thought that LeBron was better than Magic.

BTW, LeBron is 1000%, definitely, a better player than Magic was. See Pierce’s reaction:

Here’s a transcript via FTW:

Pierce: Has he passed Magic?
McGrady: He’s a better player than Magic.
Pierce: Has he passed Magic all-time now?
Pippen: Not in my eyes.
Pierce: See! So, how do we talk about Jordan if you don’t think he’s passed Magic?
McGrady: If I’m starting my five, I’m gonna put LeBron. I’m not putting Magic. I’m putting LeBron in my five.
Pierce: Wow. WOW! Wow. Oh my goodness. Oh, man. Magic!? Magic? He’s passed Magic Johnson?
McGrady: I’m just saying, if I’m doing my starting five, LeBron James is in my starting-five lineup.
Pierce: And Magic’s not?
McGrady: Nah, I can’t. No.
Pierce: Oh my goodness.

Deal with it, Paul.