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John Daly Has Some Advice for Tiger Woods After DUI Arrest (Video)

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, May 31, 2017
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Image via Getty

John Daly has had his struggles with substance abuse in the past. Now he’s sharing some advice and warm words of encouragement for Tiger Woods in the wake of his DUI arrest earlier this week.

TMZ caught up with Daly, a two-time major winner, and asked him what he thinks about Woods’ arrest, and if he has any advice for the golf legend. Daly says that he feels bad for Tiger, and that he suspects he didn’t think he was feeling that bad. He then said what Tiger needs to do is “just get back on the golf course” because “this stuff will pass.”

Check it out:

Daly also spoke to the New York Daily News on Tuesday. In that interview he very candidly expressed concern that Tiger might be addicted to pain pills:

You wonder if he is addicted to the pain pills. Knowing Tiger, I doubt it. One, he’s too mentally tough, and two, I wouldn’t think he would be. But who knows? Nobody knows but Tiger. I hope he’s not addicted. I can’t quit smoking cigarettes. Thank God I never did cocaine. They said cocaine, smoking and pills are the three most addictive things. That’s what I learned in rehab. I hope he’s not addicted, because that’s a tough thing to get off of.

Given Tiger’s seemingly endless string of surgeries and the number of prescription pain killers he apparently takes, I’m sure John Daly isn’t the only one worried about the possibility of addiction.

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