Relive the Madness of the Falcons-Pats Super Bowl, This Time in LEGO Form (Video)

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 8.19.22 AM

Sure, there was a whole lot to be said about Super Bowl LI as it drew to a close, with the Pats storming back to assert their dominance once again. The takes were hot and frequent in the weeks following, but now, about four months later, we can breathe a little and enjoy the game for what it was.

And we don’t even need to relive it in live action, because we’ve got the excitement in LEGO form, combined with the original audio from the game:

Unfortunately, watching the recreation via LEGO won’t do anything to help you recoup your gambling losses, but it should help ease the pain nonetheless.

Because who doesn’t like LEGO?

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