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LeBron James Takes Shot at Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert on Twitter After GM David Griffin Was Let Go (Tweet)

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Image via Getty

Image via Getty

The Cleveland Cavaliers made a very surprising move on Tuesday, opting to part ways with general manager David Griffin. It wasn’t just the general public caught off guard, either. Not even LeBron James knew the move was coming. And according to Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com, he was utterly “shocked” by the news.

An anonymous source close to LeBron told Vardon that while LeBron was shocked, “LeBron’s a player, Dan’s the boss. This was Dan’s decision.” However, the source also noted that “LeBron does care about what the roster looks like.”

“Who they bring in will play a big role in LeBron’s decision next summer,” the source said. “If they bring in someone who is stable, who has the ability to make things happen, then fine. No harm no foul. But if it’s amateur hour, that’s a different story.”

LeBron responded to the news of Griffin’s departure with this tweet:

Given the quote from Cleveland.com’s anonymous source, it’s pretty clear LeBron is throwing shade at Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert in this tweet.

If you’re a Cavaliers fan, this has to make you a little concerned. Earlier this week it was reported that LeBron was already thinking about leaving Cleveland next year. If Gilbert doesn’t get LeBron’s blessing on the next GM, you have to think the King is as good as gone.

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