Dwyane Wade Picks Up Bulls Option, Says He Has “24 Million Reasons” To Do So

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Dwyane Wade has informed the Bulls that he is picking up his player option for next year. However, his reason for doing so has nothing to do with any sense of loyalty to his hometown team.

On Tuesday night, TNT reporter David Aldridge asked Wade why he was picking up his option. Wade’s response was classic:

24 million reasons indeed.

Wade is coming off a very good season. As he himself pointed out, if he was 25 years old, his stats would command a monster contract.

However, Wade is not 25. He’s 35. And he’s broken down a lot in recent years. While his 2016-17 numbers were great, nobody in the league was going to give the guy anything close to $24 million when they know he’s one knee injury away from the end of his career.

So yeah, Dwyane Wade is staying with the Bulls, where he’ll get paid almost $300,000 per game. Now the big question is, where will Jimmy Butler play?

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