Arrest Warrant Issued For Brittney Griner’s Baby Mama Glory Johnson


Just before Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson got hitched, they both were involved in a knockdown drag out fight with each other that would get both of them arrested. A divorce was eventually filed for, just 28 days after they got married in 2015.

Shortly after getting married, Glory became pregnant with twins, and although Griner tried to fight having to pay child support, a judge ruled that she was indeed the father and would have to pay.

Fast forward to June 2017 and Griner has completed her end of the plead deal stemming from that domestic violence incident, but Glory Johnson did not and it has her in big trouble.

“WNBA player Glory Johnson’s epic fight with former spouse Brittney Griner is coming back to haunt her.

An Arizona judge issued a warrant for Glory Johnson’s arrest for failing to comply with the terms of her sentence from a domestic violence incident two years ago, BOSSIP has learned.

Johnson pled guilty in 2015 to disorderly conduct (domestic violence) stemming from a brawl with her then fiance, Brittney Griner. Prosecutors agreed to dismiss her assault charge as part of a plea deal.

Under the deal, Johnson was ordered to pay a $236 fine and attend six months of domestic violence counseling. However, a judge found that Johnson ignored her sentence and he issued the warrant, according to court docs.”

Johnson’s lawyer managed to get the judge to drop the warrant at a hearing last month, but Johnson has to appear next month to explain why she didn’t follow through with the sentence.  She could possibly face additional sanctions.

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