Lamar Odom Blasts Stephen A. Smith For Making Fun Of His Crack Addiction (VIDEO)


This past Thursday, ESPN ‘First Take’ co-host Stephen A. Smith went on a tirade against New York Knicks Team President Phil Jackson for destroying the franchise with his questionable moves. One of those questionable moves he mentioned involved signing Lamar Odom, who he said was on crack at the time.


It took less than 24 hours for Lamar Odom to respond. Not surprisingly, he is not happy about Smith making light of his crack addiction just to make a point about how bad Phil Jackson has been.

Now, Odom’s attorney, Saam Zangeneh, has fired off a letter to ESPN saying, “Mr. Smith chose to jokingly disparage Lamar for a having a disease.”

“Mr. Smith chose to shout out the fact that Lamar was sick, and to use his disease as the butt of a joke.”

“To say that his conduct was outrageous and unacceptable does not scratch the surface.”

“Imagine the effect this grotesque statement would have on any young athlete who is privately fighting this disease. To become the punch line of a vulgar joke.”

Zangeneh continued, “We hope those at ESPN will actively voice their disdain for Mr. Smith’s inappropriate statement and take the proper action to support those that are fighting this disease.”

“We should hope that your network would use this situation as an opportunity to become more actively involved in this cause.”

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