Rapper Tee Grizzley Says LeBron Tripled His Record Sales After Bald Workout (VIDEO)

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This is what the power of social media and an extremely famous person can do for your career.

It all started with LeBron posting to Instagram, showing off his workout session and his new bald head he was sporting after the NBA Finals. He was also vibing to a song from rapper Tee Grizzley.  Naturally, people had the same question: ‘Who’s that?’.

So they researched and this is the results.

“LeBron James’ bald-headed workout jam session has worked wonders for Tee Grizzley’s bank account … ’cause the Detroit rapper says his record sales have TRIPLED since LBJ posted a vid vibin’ to his song.

We spoke with the 23-year-old up-and-comer about Bron’s “First Day Out” shout-out just 2 days after the Cavs lost in the NBA Finals … and T.G. says the move earned the King free concert tickets for life!!”

The song already had millions of views on YouTube, but the “LeBron Effect” has brought a ton of new fans (and customers) to Grizzley’s music … and he shows us the financial impact by whippin’ out $80k CASH in the middle of the airport.

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