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Vince Young on His Tell-All Book About Jeff Fisher: ‘I’m Going To Expose His Ass’ (VIDEO)

by: Darrelle Lincoln On  Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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In an attempt to continue his football career that was cut short in the NFL due to bad play and not producing, former NFL QB Vince Young signed with the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League. It didn’t last very long as it was announced the 34-year-old had been waived by the team after suffering a torn hamstring earlier this month.

Now with all that free time on his hands, Young recently sat down with Sports Illustrated and talked about a number of things, including why his career only lasted 6 seasons and how he plans to expose all the dirty deeds of his former Tennessee Titans head coach, Jeff Fisher.

“I’m going to expose his ass,” he says of Fisher, who he claims stripped all the fun from football, pushing Young until he broke. Whereas Brown had been the father figure Young always wanted, Fisher, he says, acted like someone saddled with an unwanted stepson. Family members, close friends, even Young’s pastor describe Fisher as “jealous” and “envious” of the QB.

Young recounts closed-door meetings with Fisher in which both men agreed to keep their conversation private; the next day, he says, he’d read Fisher’s side—his exact words—in the local papers. Young says he would sometimes arrive early for a meeting, only to learn it had been canceled, unannounced, and that the coach was out fishing with Collins. (Neither Fisher nor Collins responded to multiple emails, phone calls and texts from SI.)

Young describes an incident from November of his rookie season when he left his ID at home before a road game against the Eagles. As he tells it, he went to retrieve it and was then held up by a funeral procession en route to the team plane, so he called Fisher to say he would be two minutes late. Young had seen Fisher hold the plane for other players, but this time he did not. “I feel like Fisher did that s— on purpose,” he says. “I’m pulling in, seeing them pull the door down. I can hear the team yelling.” As Young stood on the tarmac, grounded, he could only watch as the team he was supposed to lift into the playoffs soared into the sky without him.”