Chip Kelly on How The Media Made Up Lies About Kaepernick Being a Distraction & Lazy

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Chip Kelly is calling ‘bullsh*t’ on the things that have been said about Colin Kaepernick.

The former San Francisco 49ers head coach may have only spent one season in the Bay Area, but that was enough to see how genuine Colin Kaepernick was and how much of a hard worker he was. It’s a far cry from the many anonymous people who have stated that Kaepernick’s laziness and being a distraction is the reason he’s out of a job.

Chip recently joined ESPN’s Adam Schefter on the Know Them From Adam Podcast and went into detail about what type of person Kaepernick was.  He dispelled all the rumors about the quarterback’s poor work ethic in the process.

“Kap was awesome. At the beginning of the year he made his stance on what he believed was right. We recognized and supported his ability to do that. But he never brought that into the locker room. We had a meeting the day after the Green Bay game that he did it in the preseason and he explained to all the players the process and mindset of what he was doing. And there were some players that agreed with him and there were some players that didn’t agree with him.

After that point we heard from the outside what a distraction it is except those people weren’t in our locker room and Kap never was a distraction and turned it into a circus. He came into work everyday, extremely diligent in terms of his preparation, in terms of his work ethic in the weight room, in terms of his work ethic in the meeting room.

I really enjoyed Kap, i’ve spoken to him 3 or 4 times since we left San Francisco. I know he’s working out really hard in New York right now. I think he’s a really good person and a really good player. And I really enjoyed coaching him.”

You can listen to the full audio clip here.

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