Atlanta Hawks Renovated Philips Arena To Include Court-Side Bar, Barber Shop & Golf Simulator

The Atlanta Hawks organization is going big by renovating their existing home, Phillips Arena, this offseason. Included in that reno will be several things that have never been seen before.

The team recently announced preparations for their plans for the $192.5 million, 16-month project, which includes a court-side bar that will sit directly behind the basket, a barber shop, and even a Top Golf simulator. All of this inside one arena.

ESPN has the details:

The 1,500-square-foot bar space is behind one of the baskets. Sheely said that any one of the 600 courtside season-ticket holders will receive admission into the space.

The team also will sell a limited amount of standing room-only tickets to those courtside season-ticket holders so they can invite more friends or business partners to the game.

While seats by the court are extremely valuable, Sheely said the seats after the first three rows behind the basket precipitously drop in value, which helped convince Hawks management to carve out the new space.

The team will have to take out only about 200 seats to clear way for the bar, which will be up and running for next season.

Other new Philips Arena features that were the talk of social media on Wednesday afternoon include a barbershop that gives fans getting their hair cut a view of the court and two Topgolf Swing Suites with simulators in them.

Here’s what it will look like:

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“People don’t want to be confined to their seats anymore,” Hawks chief operating officer Thad Sheely said. “That’s true for our high-end season-ticket holders, as well.”

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