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Titans Cornerback Logan Ryan Uses Signing Bonus to Pay of His Brother’s Student Loans (Pic)

by: Esteban On  Thursday, June 29, 2017
Image via Getty

Image via Getty

NFL cornerback Logan Ryan recently signed a three-year $30 million deal with the Tennessee Titans. The deal comes with a $2 million signing bonus and $16 million fully guaranteed. It’s huge step up from his first NFL contract with the New England Patriots, a four-year $2.77 million deal that had just $563,252 guaranteed.

So how is the former third-round draft pick celebrating his fortune? By paying off his big brother’s student loans.

On Wednesday Ryan, 26, posted a photo on Instagram of him presenting an oversized novelty check to his big brother on his 29th birthday. The check is made out to American Education Services for $82,000, and on the memo line it says “F*ck Student Loans.”

In the caption underneath the photo, Ryan makes a statement about the state of our education system, arguing that it is ridiculous that somebody should work so hard and do everything right only to be saddled with crippling debt as they start their career.

Take a look:

Logan Ryan is right. Crippling debt is a huge problem that almost every college graduate faces today. It’s refreshing to see a professional athlete speak up about this important issue.

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