Clay Matthews Rips Jay Cutler
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Clay Matthews Savagely Rips Jay Cutler, Says He’s Gonna Miss All Those Easy Sacks (Video)

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, July 12, 2017
Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Poor Jay Cutler took a lot of verbal abuse from Chicago Bears fans over the years. Now he’s taking it from guys who normally just dish out physical abuse.

Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews phoned in to the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen Show this week. When Eisen asked Matthews if he was going to miss the recently retired Cutler, whom he had sacked more than any other quarterback, Matthews’ answer was absolutely vicious.

“I always enjoyed playing against Jay,” Matthews deadpanned. “Obviously, he rubbed some fans the wrong way. I know people get on him about his nonchalant attitude, but I always enjoyed playing against him.

“I’m glad I got a lot of sacks against him. I’ll miss that the most. But hopefully the next in line in Chicago will be as equally willing to help me pad my stats.”

Take a look:

Of course, as you probably know, Jay Cutler hasn’t quit football entirely. He signed with Fox in May and will soon be giving his shrugging, “who gives a sh*t” takes on Fox NFL Sunday.

If they ever get Clay Matthews in there for an interview, things could get pretty awkward.

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