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After Lonzo Ball Ditched Big Baller Shoes for Nikes, LaVar Swears He’s Not Jumping Ship

by: Penn Collins On  Thursday, July 13, 2017
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2017 Las Vegas Summer League - Philadelphia 76ers v Los Angeles Lakers

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After so much was made of the Ball family’s Big Baller Brand ZO2 shoes (that’s a mouthful), it seems that Lonzo might be having second thoughts about the $500 kicks. In last night’s Summer League game against the Sixers, he was seen rocking Nike Kobe ADs, leading some to believe that he’s considering jumping ship from his dad’s brand to sign with Nike.

Speaking to ESPN’s Darren Rovell via text, LaVar swore that this wasn’t a big deal, and that Big Baller athletes can wear whatever they want, saying, “Lonzo is not forced to wear any brand and can play in any shoe he wants as long as it’s okay with the NBA. This is what being independent is all about.”

Lonzo scored 36 points in the game while wearing Kobe’s kicks, so…maybe that’s a consideration going forward. Even if the shoes don’t make the difference, the psychological edge could do it for him.

Despite all the buzz, LaVar insists there are “no negotiations with Nike.”

We’ll see about that.