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#DriveByDunkChallenge Is the Awesome New Sports Meme of the Summer (Videos)

by: Penn Collins On  Thursday, July 20, 2017

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If you ever need a reminder that teenagers are dumb and funny way more often than they’re dumb and destructive, look no further than the new trend this summer, the Drive-By Dunk Challenge.

The premise is pretty damn simple: Drive down a street. Dunk on every hoop you come across. Film it. Share it. Bask in your Internet fame.

Sure, it’s silly, but it’s kids dunking, which makes it at the very least fun to watch.

Bitch I’ll dunk on your court #DrivebyDunkChallenge

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the last vid though #drivebydunkchallenge @farren_parfitt

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So if you own a basketball hoop and happen to see a teenage boy storming to your driveway, don’t call the cops. They’re just meme-ing. Let them get their dunk in and be on their way.