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Umpire Ejects Adrian Beltre After He Moves the Batter’s Box (VIDEO)

by: JamieD On  Thursday, July 27, 2017

Beltre on deck

The score in the game may have been 18-6 at the time, but the eighth inning of last night’s game between the Texas Rangers and Miami Marlins was still able to provide us with some entertainment, thanks to Adrian Beltre and second-base umpire Gerry Davis.

With Nomar Mazara at the plate, Beltre was supposed to be IN the Rangers’ on-deck circle.  However, much to the chagrin of Davis, Beltre was warming up OUTSIDE the on-deck circle.

As former Rangers infielder Michael Young pointed out, there’s at least one good reason for Beltre to avoid actually standing inside the on-deck circle:

Beltre also prefers to watch the pitcher from a bit of a closer angle than where the on-deck circle is situated, something he’s done throughout his entire 20-year career. None of that mattered to Gerry Davis, though.  

After watching Beltre closely, he stopped play to tell the Rangers third baseman to get back inside the circle.  And when Beltre decided to move the circle, rather than himself, he was ejected by Davis.

Here’s a look at the entire episode: 

Whatever.  With the score being what it was at the time, Beltre was probably looking for a way out anyways.

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