Couple of Guys Construct Basketball-Inspired 'Connect 4' Game (VIDEO) | Total Pro Sports
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Couple of Guys Construct Basketball-Inspired ‘Connect 4′ Game (VIDEO)

by: Darrelle Lincoln On  Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Tags:  Basketball   Connect Four  

'Connect 4

This may be the greatest thing that has ever been invented…sports wise.

As a kid, I’m sure you’ve probably played Connect 4 once…or a thousand times. The concept is quite simple as you attempt to map out a plan on how to get four of your tokens in a row before your opponent, all while stopping them from doing the same.

It’s a timeless game.

Well, a couple of guys had the genius idea to take the popular game and replace the tokens with basketballs. As a result, ‘Basketball Connect 4′ was born, and it is glorious.