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Giants’ Justin Pugh Helps Cops Catch Thief In His Neighborhood (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Monday, September 11, 2017
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Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Giants guard Justin Pugh might have the option to pick up a career in law enforcement if his NFL career gets cut short.

The New Jersey resident recently posted on Twitter a clip and pic of a man who had been caught on camera stealing packages in his town of Jersey City. Pugh himself had been robbed of $3,000 worth of clothing and kitchen supplies left on his front door.

Pugh went so far as to wander the neighborhood looking for the guy, but it was this clip he tweeted that got the big results:

He sent out this security photo as well that gives a clearer look at the perp’s face:

Following these tweets, a cop recognized the man walking down the street and nabbed him.

“I’m like CSI,” Pugh said after learning of the arrest. “I’m starting the community watch. In five days, I helped catch a guy who’s been stealing stuff for the past six months.”