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The Bears Are Just as Awful With British Commentary (VIDEO)

by: Penn Collins On  Friday, September 29, 2017
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Sure, adding a British accent tends to class things up a bit, but even the most dignified of voices can’t dress up the train wreck that is the 2017 Chicago Bears. Man, they’re bad. Last night they barely put up a fight against the Packers, who are saddled with their own issues.

You would think that maybe a James Bond-sounding announcer could help clean up the mess they’re leaving on the field, but…no.

“It’s another disaster from the snap. My goodness.”

The words are a little more polished, but that doesn’t mean the play they’re calling is. That said, I would much rather listen to a team fail soundtracked by this guy than Dan Fouts or someone. Makes me feel classy, even if the Bears aren’t.