Cam Newton Says He Raised His Fist After TD To “Show Black Pride” (VIDEO) | Total Pro Sports
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Cam Newton Says He Raised His Fist After TD To “Show Black Pride” (VIDEO)

by: Darrelle Lincoln On  Sunday, October 1, 2017

Carolina Panthers v New England Patriots

After a terrible game last week, Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton rebounded in a big way. Despite no one giving them much of a chance, his Panthers went into Foxborough and gave the New England Patriots everything they had, escaping with a win on a last-second field-goal.


In the 4th quarter of that game, Cam rushed for a TD that put the team up 30-16. He celebrated by raising his fist to the sky, and while most people knew what it meant, reporters still wanted him to clarify his position.

“I did it to show black pride because I am an African-American,” Newton said after defeating the Patriots 33-30. “But more or less, I want all people to just see the joy that I go out there and play with. Win, lose, or draw it was a great win for us today.” “We cannot forget the fact that sports as a whole bring people together,” Newton said. “A lot of people from different shapes, colors, creeds, ethnicities, and cultures come together.” He added, “At that moment, they’re rooting for the same thing. We try to unify people with that and that’s all it is. Unity is something that’s gonna cure a battered mentality in this country.”