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Pro Golfer Ian Poulter Blasts Pro-Gun Politicians for “Brainwashing” America (Instagram)

by: Esteban On  Thursday, October 5, 2017
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Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Pro golfer Ian Poulter has some pretty strong words for American politicians on the topic of gun control.

Poulter, of course, is from England. But he plays a lot of golf in America, and apparently he doesn’t fancy the idea that somebody could mow him down with an automatic weapon should the urge strike them.

In a blistering Instagram post on Wednesday, as the world continued to mourn Sunday night’s horrifying massacre in Las Vegas, Poulter accused pro-gun politicians of “brainwashing” Americans into believing guns make them safer.

“America, Congress, The House and Senators when will you stop these disgusting acts,” Poulter asked in the caption of a photo of a Kinder egg, a famously innocuous product that is banned in America. “Banning guns is the only way…. How many more innocent people have to die because you are brainwashing America into thinking arming themselves will help… Well it DIDNT help in Vegas did it ?… if everyone at the concert had a gun to protect themselves the same fatalities would have happened. You are all accountable for these continuing actions of madness… I love America but I hate this.”

Come on, Ian. We’re not brainwashed. Why don’t you just chill out with a nice, cold, refreshing Bud Light, which tastes totally AMAZING and not at all like donkey urine.

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