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NC State Fans Taunt Louisville Football Team With “F-B-I” Chant (VIDEO)

by: Penn Collins On  Friday, October 6, 2017
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NC State FBI Chant

It’s not often that schools find themselves under investigation by the FBI for, of all things, corrupt practices. So when that fate befell the Louisville basketball program, NC State fans were quick to remind them of that fact every ten seconds or so when the two schools met on the gridiron last night.

Sweetening the deal was the fact that the No. 24 Wolfpack pulled off the upset over the No. 17 Cardinals, leading to a sense of smugness that chanting alone cannot provide.

You can watch the fans go nuts even while one of their own is injured right here:


I can’t imagine this is going to be the last — or the worst — of colleges’ trolling of Louisville.