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Chicago Cubs Fan Sues Team For $50K; Says Foul Ball Blinded Him In One Eye (VIDEO)

by: Darrelle Lincoln On  Thursday, October 12, 2017
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Installing more netting and safety precautions has been a topic every single season in MLB, because there is bound to be a handful of people that end up getting severely injured from an arrant foul ball or flying bat.

Die-hard Chicago Cubs fan John “Jay” Loosis is now imploring the team and Major League Baseball to immediately install more nets to protect fans in the stands after he was hit in the face by a ball in August, causing him to immediately go blind in one eye.

“I had no idea that you were subjected to such missiles…. said Loos, whose eye was heavily bandaged. “You could be there with a mitt and you wouldn’t have been able to react in time.”

Loos claims the team was negligent during their August 29 game vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates game, when he claimed he was hit by an errant foul ball. He’s gone through several surgeries and now risks also losing his vision in his other good eye (his right eye).

“Fans are the life-blood of Major League Baseball (and) there should be nothing more important than their safety,” said Loos, a resident of the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg.

Loos is seeking at least $50,000 in damages. 

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